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Meme from daffodil_brill and books...

Love Yourself Meme: For the next thirty days, blog thirty good traits you have. You don't have to blog every day, but have at least thirty things by the end of the month--if you want to blog more than that, go right ahead! Try to blog different things--but it's okay if you have to remind yourself about something. This way, you'll have a running list of positive traits you have to offer the world when you're feeling down on yourself <3

#1. I am intelligent.
#2. I've come to a point in my life at which I'm finally figuring out what I want/what matters to me.
#3. I'm becoming more outspoken.

...Anyway, I have quite a bit of reading to do this weekend. Actually, it never seems to stop, the whole time I'm in class.... I need to finish Ten Days that Shook the World, and then read a book on the Wars of the Roses, and then start an absolutely giant biography of Trotsky. Trotsky's picture on the cover is sort of scaring me, so I think I'll leave that one for last. -.- Although it does make me want to reread Animal Farm, though, just for the image of pig!Trotsky and pig!Stalin.

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