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Announcement and meme

I'm on... semi-permanent semi-hiatus now. I haven't been reading my flist much at all lately, so idk what's going on with most of you. Please, if there's anything you've posted that you want me to see, you shouldn't feel weird about linking me to it.

Not sure how much I'm going to be around from here on out; probably not a lot. I definitely have things I want to post and things I want to read, but I think my priorities have changed to the point where I can't justify to myself spending much time oti. Anyway, fandom doesn't honestly matter much to me anymore. I know I still have a to-write list up here somewhere, but it's deeply uncertain as to whether I'll be writing fanfic ever again. It probably sounds bitchy, but I feel like I'd rather spend my time and energy on things I could actually publish.

Actually, it's slightly possible that I'll appear to be around more-- if not posting more-- since I'm thinking of deleting most of the comms I've been watching from my flist, so I may be more likely to actually pay attention to your entries instead of being a lazy bitch and scrolling past them. :/

And it seems I still have a meme I'd forgotten about:

6. I have good introspective abilities.
7. I am always improving my writing.
8. I like to be as accurate and precise as possible when something matters to me.
9. I am open to new possibilities.
10. I feel strongly about things.

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