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1. Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name. FFFFFF WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. Okay, so for years and years now I've had this thing about zombies and vampires and etc. and especially zombies and did I mention zombies getting to be awesome and the good guys instead of just wandering around drooling and eating peoples' brains. So this is made of ten kinds of awesome. It doesn't hurt that I love the art, too.

At any rate. I HIGHLY FUCKING RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THIS WEBCOMIC. Because apparently it'll change your life or something, idk.

2. Rereading old classic!Doctor Who novels. Which is <3 <3 <3. This was, like, my childhood fandom 190%. ...Although of course, the fact that it was my childhood fandom is what prevents me from ever reading fic for it now....

3. Starting to revise my poetry and gather it all together into a big collection. Of course I'd like to publish someday. I'm excited, anyway. I have ~50 poems, which is certainly enough to be published all together.

4. On this minus side, it's still horribly cold here. WHY MINNESOTA WHY?!
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