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It liiiiiiiiiiives!

Or, I've come back from hiatus. And intend to actually be back this time.

Finally finished my Incomplete from last semester, which ended up taking ridiculously longer than it should have. But at least that means I have an official GPA now. 3.733. That's so much fucking better than it's ever been in my life, seriously. (No, really; my GPA from St. Kate's was ~2.7, I think.)

I'm thinking of writing some fics again. Although unfortunately I got mad at myself for spending too much time doing useless things and threw away a bunch of pages of a long fic I'd been writing, so about half of it's lost now. Oh well, I'd have a lot of rewriting to do anyway.

Listen to Hester go squeeeee about books: Finally actually read The Master and Margarita. (I'd started it years ago and wasn't able to finish it then because I was being a dumbass.) Somehow that's just such a strangely adorable book. It doesn't hurt my perception of it of course that by the time I read it I already knew that Bulgakov really was a pretty cool guy and didn't afraid of Stalin. Also, now I'm reading Dictionary of the Khazars, which I've only just started but which I highly recommend.

Got registered for Summer and Fall semesters. (Which apparently = EPIC EXCITEMENT!!11 in my world....)

     Astronomy 1001: Exploring the Universe
     Geography 3161: Europe 

     Norwegian 1003: Intermediate Norwegian 
     Earth Science 1007: History of Life on Earth, from Microbes to Mammoths 
     History 3959: How to Do History 
     History 3101: Introduction to Medieval History 
     Music 1051: Piano for Non-majors 

SQUEEEEEEEEE. I think I may actually squee more about school than about most other things these days. -.-

Also, as implied by the above point: I AM TAKING FUCKING PIANO LESSONS NEXT FALL. To understand why this is a source of extreme excitement for me, you have to understand that I'm not even remotely musically inclined, but have wished I were for a long time. So this is like... equal parts excitement and terror. I am going to attempt to actually succeed at playing a musical instrument. Never done that before. D:

Also, hopefully going to teach myself Latin over the summer. For some reason, the U decided to be evil and not offer beginning Latin Summer semester, and I won't have time to take it Fall semester... but I do have to learn it, since I've become enamored of medieval history.

I got religion GOT SAVED! became a Jesus fangirl. Well, that was sort of sudden and unexpected....

Still writing Epic Giant Term Paper of Doom. It's due in a week, oh noes. -.- Actually, it's not that giant, but it should be a little over 30 pages when it's done, which is certainly longer than anything I've written before. And I remember in middle school when writing a two-page paper was DO NOT WANT D: D: D:

New season of Doctor Who! You have no idea how happy this makes me. Especially since Eleven is adorable~~~~.

Thinking of finally sitting down and reading the original manga Sailor Moon. The anime used to be of severe sentimental value to me, so....

...Aaaand, that's really all I have.

So tell me, how are you, flist?
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