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Hello, Miss Possible!

I turned 18 a little while ago, which is a bit disconcerting. I guess I'm mildly annoyed at myself, looking back, at how much time I spent wanting to be to someone totally and utterly unlike me. So nyah. I mean, I'm pretty much destined for nerdiness ( some of my earliest memories are of watching reruns of Doctor Who ), and I have never been particularly pretty/athletic/dedicated/serious/cultured/whatever the hell I was trying to be at whatever time I was trying to be it. Maybe I shouldn't be as annoyed by that as I am, but oh well. I mean, I know that they say that your teenage years are the time where you ought to be experimenting/deciding who you want to be... but I think that I would be happier today if I hadn't kept trying to be random other people that I'm not and never will be.

Like, in ninth grade, I wanted to be Kim Possible.

No, seriously.

No, I don't know how I intended to do that.

Oh! Oh! And I'm pretty sure that tomorrow is the day that volume 12 of Death Note is going to be in stores... I think?

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