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Hester talks about birthdays. And stuff.


Happy birthday, shondrea!

2. Also, happy 17. mai, Norway!

3. Pictures from birthday cards I've made recently: pseudo-Socialist-Realist-except-not-really Russia, and a random blue mermaid. Also an unfinished fanart of Hungary.

Birthday card for my dad:

I have no idea why the scanner decided to cut it off on the right side. Except that the scanner hates me with a passion. =.=

ALSO, ignore the total messiness of it all. Or don't; it's up to you.

Inside of the card:

Doing the blood spatter was really fun. I highly recommend it. All you need is red watercolors.

From the card I made for my friend who likes mermaids:

The ugly looking bits that are randomly there are glitter on the original.

And a random unfinished Hungary from well over a year ago that I just found today.
Tags: ...Колколкол, art, hetalia, hungary, original flavor, scraps
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