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"He's a hawk, now. He'll always be a hawk."

Please tell me someone else on my flist read Animorphs as a kid. Because I suddenly had an urge to reread it, and now I feel all SQUEE. I still fucking love this series. I don't even care that I'm 22 and reading books originally marketed to grade school kids.

I mean. Not that I don't realize that it's basically dumb stuff about brain-controlling aliens. But. Aside from the fact that this was pretty much my childhood in book form, and so it's not surprising I look upon it favorably...

You know, I still think this series is way more well-done than a lot of stuff aimed at kids. Not so much in the plot department; the plots are frequently pretty mind-numbing, but it's occurred to me that there's much more depth and realism in the characters than in the typical kids' adventure series. I mean, I doubt most of the readership noticed it--- I didn't, at that age--- but there's a surprising amount of darkness to Rachel some of the characters. Which is perfectly reasonable. You would be fucked up too, under the circumstances.

Otoh, now I'm confronted with the dilemma I always have when I realize I like something: do I dare to read fanfic? If it's Ax/Tobias or something like that, I'm so out of here.
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