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"No man's land and there ain't no asylum here"

I actually finished something. No idea how that happened. But here you go:

x 33 Icons from vol. 1 of Godchild
(Mad Tea Party, The Little Crooked House, Black Sheep, Scold's Bridle)
x 11 Merryweather
x o9 Jezebel
x o5 Cain
x o4 Oscar, all of which are not boring everyday Oscar, but rather are Advice Oscar.
x o3 Riff
x o1 Misc.


So, um. THIS IS LIKE MY FIRST TIME EVER ACTUALLY SERIOUSLY TRYING TO MAKE ICONS. Obviously I don't really have any experience, either with manga coloring or iconing, so please critique anything if you feel the urge to do so. ^__^"

Honestly, I have no idea how there got to be so many of Merry in here. Because she's so adorable, I guess?


Also, extras:
An alternate (more readable, but with less matching colors) version of #16:

And a blank Advice Oscar for all of your nefarious porpoises purposes:

You can edit these however you want; I don't really care
But even if you do edit them, you still must credit me; I didn't go to all this work to have you whippersnappers claiming them as your own
Obviously I can't force you to comment, but comments are hugely appreciated
And I should probably link to my resauces.
Tags: count cain, since when do i make icons?
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