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How to make everyone ever angry with you

I'm sure we've all heard about the attacks in Norway yesterday, in Oslo and on the island of Utøya.

It ought to be obvious to people that this is not fodder for a hurt/comfort fanfic, especially not so soon after it's happened.

Apparently that was not so obvious to Artificial Starlight, a writer on ff.net, who decided to write a stupid h/c Hetalia fic about the incident very shortly after it had taken place. Note: she wrote this yesterday, so as far as I can tell she must have started writing just minutes after the attacks. That's dedication for you!

Here's an entry on ffr, and here's the most complete post I've seen so far on the subject, and I don't have all that much more to say that hasn't been said in these two entries; I just want to repeat the thought that this is completely inappropriate.

Here's the fic itself.

Really, what makes me angry is not so much the fic itself, because I do think sometimes that people write things without realizing how what they're writing will come across --- and that's more of a danger for Hetalia writers than for a lot of other fandoms.

What makes me angry are her responses to criticism. She's edited her responses to the reviews she's gotten several times, so that the notes which are up now aren't the ones that were up last time I looked, but at one point she did have a notes up saying the following things:

-- That this was a "birthday gift" to herself (wtf?)
-- Blaming all of this on trolls lying about her and her beautiful story
-- Giving half-hearted apologies that basically consist of saying, "Fine, I'm sorry, now stfu."
-- Claiming to have donated money to Norway. I don't know how this would work as the Norwegians have not asked for money, so there's really nowhere to donate it to. Also unclear on how it would help in this case anyway; Norway is quite a wealthy country and certainly capable of covering any damages on its own. :/
-- Refusing to remove the fic after having been asked repeatedly to do so (including by Norwegians), because apparently people just aren't understanding her GREAT ART.
-- Claiming that she's being respectful. (Protip: it's the people affected who get to decide if your behavior is respectful --- not you. You cannot proclaim yourself to be respectful even as actual Norwegians tell you that they're offended.)

Actually, I'm sorry, but just about everything about this person makes me angry. It's been awhile since I've seen such a singularly self-centered fan, and if you read her profile you'll see what I mean.

...At any rate, I don't understand how someone can think that an incident in which 80 children were killed irl is an okay thing to base fic off of.

Hetalia fandom, I do love you. Really. Most of the time.

But sometimes I hate to admit that I'm part of you, because this fandom has so many insensitive people who behave so disgustingly.
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