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Looking for recs

Flist, rec me some goodfic. Goodfic in general or, more specifically:

1. I'm kindasorta writing except for now not really, because mentioning things I'm working on seems to be the kiss of death for them a fic featuring Madara and the Juubi, so now I really want to read fic with either of those two characters. Although I'd be very surprised if there were much fic (good or otherwise) with the Juubi as a major character . . . .


2. I have this . . . thing. I'd call it a kink, except that it's totally non-sexual, so I'm not sure what the appropriate word for it is. Either way, I really have this thing for characters who are well-known in some way seeing elements of their own lives reproduced (preferably inaccurately) in books, movies . . . or whatever other media.

Like, for example, I want to read fic where Sasuke watches a true crime-style documentary about the Uchiha Masssacre, in which a bunch of talking heads attempt to analyze Itachi's motives and totally get everything completely wrong. (Being Sasuke, he will then presumably proceed to throw the TV set out the window. Or some such.)

That kind of thing. For any fandom I'm even vaguely familiar with, I really want to read it.

. . . Although now that I've written all that out, I suspect that the response to the second one will be along the lines of, "You'll just have to write it yourself." Oh well. :P
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