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This is what happens when I'm feeling listless

I would like to present the most amazing fanfic ever!

Actually, it's just this fic of mine run through Google Translate into Japanese and then back into English.

Words you need to write that.

Otherwise, it's meaningless chatter, meaningless, everything is just like Naruto and Kakashi in particular, was especially Sakura said. Naruto, it's all meaningless, it was a village of the story. No, the name is supposed to mean?

Then that team can no longer snake. Snake Sasuke is no longer a friend. Its name refers to his time in another time long ago wanted to kill a good person. It must have been long ago. Think about it he will be paralyzed.

Itachi is now dead, as well as Orochimaru. Sasuke, once again, all those memories and dreams that live in the house with all the best for nine years past. . . He is simply out of this, they would rip the page and start again.

Cornflower ripples of the sea, slate, jade thousand shades, facial spray mist that Sasuke. There is a white bird skimming, that radio waves, and they are free and unencumbered by any more than humans.

Sasuke is like an animal coming out of hibernation, now things are starting to remember. He was interested whether he barely noticed it even before that, for most of his life, he's had his only real memory. A dark color and remaining silent play was moistened, and he was therefore, thought they were meaningless, it is only now that they begin to become fast again. Breakfast and dinner. Argument matching. Is weasel hair brush horse hair brushing, eating his cake, dust-like odor.

That night, there was - the sap of the hierarchy of Sasuke - Slow - back when he powered up his brother, the way one cuts a lonely tear under his face. He saw it I thought it was a dream, and it disappeared completely from his memory. But he mistakes such things it really is a simple matter it should be known that no: it is, then, was full moon, appears to be cast in silver tears one or was that glinted brightly Teita.

Sasuke's curse himself, and he seems to have been cursed him back into the sea every stirring. Both taste like salt and sea spray in his own tears: some cold, warm. Behind his eyes, the well - otherwise the old one reborn - bigger, darker, and opened a new space so far. Wave after wave. Gulls wheel and skip.

It is why we decided to do everything backwards weasel, and he makes me wonder. - To die while he is alive, false, and something very human and not easily hated, and what can be destroyed. - To come alive again until after his death. Alive - dead, dead, alive. To fold in on themselves to something infinite.

He wonders about what happened during those years died. Snake year himself, What were they for a weasel? Is resolved and he knows that Sasuke, he decided that he suspects there is a limit on. His brother sometimes you need to go home and want to abolish the whole. And redo it all again withdraw. As he used to, sleep in his bed. Naruto deep, gathering mushrooms and wild blackberries in sweet-scented woods.

. . Home? What house? It was he who hates. To deny the body the wrong blood type, it would have refused him. Naruto is selfish. Not yet. Naruto Itachi is dead while the fat and happy.

We immediately joined the Itachi knows Sasuke leaves and the taste of salt. Please refer to the way they like someone die for a cause. This sort of justice, next, what justice is firm and heavy, making the weight of the iron is comfort in mind. In addition to the. Ironically it is the land of fire and burn if you did.

No, Sasuke is not a snake. Sasuke is now is new. Things with wings. Either way, the shadows Orochimaru was a pathetic creep. His fantasy is to destroy the leaves were just that. Good and noble and strong in its belly crawling around there is nothing. He knows not repeat the mistakes of Orochimaru. He is one experiment after another, endlessly dark dreams of revenge will not take shape until it skulks to fiddle with, it does not run by him in the year.

No, Sasuke is a bird. In one of the gull, but they are enjoying themselves and they care nothing. It is such a folly that he really can not stand. But Sasuke, Sasuke has a cruel beak, used to put it. Piercing eyes, finally opening.

Sasuke is one look to the future. The other thing, too.

Way as in the shore break down and swell waves, the sun and all leading bubble was created with water once silvery full moon looks like tears.

I really like how it randomly decided to substitute Naruto for Konoha partway through. And how it sometimes translated Itachi's name and sometimes just left it as it was.

"Is weasel hair brush horse hair brushing, eating his cake, dust-like odor." is possibly the best line I've ever seen in my life, though. XD

And I like that even Google apparently knows that Oro is a pathetic creep.
Tags: emo ninjas r us, naruto, saint itachi

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