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"'Cause I built you a home in my heart with rotten wood that decayed from the start"

x35 icons from vol. 3 of Godchild
(Zigeunerweisen | Mortician's Daughter | The Stake)
x o8 Jezebel (Mostly Advice Jezebel)
x o6 Cain
x o4 Almost but not actually Oscar/Cain
x o4 Suzette
x o3 Uncle Neil
x o3 Ida
x o2 Marjorie
x o2 Lucinda
x o1 Riff
x o1 Riff/Cain
x o1 Oscar


There were supposed to be a lot more in this post, including some of Owl because I love Owl. But partway through I lost my will to make icons, so this is it. Perhaps I'll do the rest sometime later when I'm in a better mood.

Otoh, the fact that I missed some means that for once there's no Merry. XD Lots of other pretty girls, though. :D


Okay, okay so #1 isn't actually from the third volume. I have no clue anymore what it actually is from, but there you go.

You can edit these however you want; I don't really care
But even if you do edit them, you still must credit me for the original
Don't hotlink
Obviously I can't force you to comment, but comments are hugely appreciated
And I should probably link to my resauces.
Tags: count cain, since when do i make icons?

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