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Birthday. Professors are stupid. American exceptionalism. SPN.


Happy birthday, kenichi_bokushi!

Hope you've had a wonderful one!

2. Dear historiography professors: if you want me to actually read the articles you post, would it hurt you to scan them in right way around? I realize I could just print them out and then flip them around, except your scans are so messy that I'd end up using up ridiculous quantities of ink just on the scratchy-looking gray backgrounds. >.>

3. I decided I was going to go get myself more Hetalia icons, given that I have icons slots to burn. And I said to myself, 'No more America icons this time! Go get some of other characters!'

. . . I bet you can guess how my icon search turned out. XD It's not my fault Hima decided to make America so adorable.

4. Just started season 4 of SPN. There is so no way I'll manage to get caught up before the new season starts. -.- Oh well. But I loved the way Cas is introduced.

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