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All school stuff

Got my 30-page term paper from last semester back, finally. My scary/awesome professor actually really liked it, which made me collapse into a pile of quivering goo, because anytime I write anything I end up convinced that it's horrible. . . . In the event, he said I should submit it to an undergrad journal, which made me feel a lot better. As a side note, I find it mildly horrifying that I can find a professor on Wikipedia. -.-

Otoh, in a different class I had today, one of my classmates (I have to assume that she was just phrasing what she was trying to say horribly, because surely no one is this ignorant . . . right?) made a comment in a class discussion implying that AIDS existed in the Middle Ages. O.o

Also, got a 95% on first Norwegian test. It should have been higher than that, given how easy the tests for this class are. But. For now, that'll do.

And yes, flist, I am going to post my scores for EVERY SINGLE TEST I HAVE IN THIS CLASS, UNTIL YOU ALL GET TIRED OF ME AND UNFRIEND ME. Because if I know I'll have to post it, hopefully I'll do better in future.

I really need to improve in that class, so I can, you know, actually know Norwegian. And stuff.

And I need to find a way to teach myself a lot of Latin relatively quickly.

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