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1. I am going through my homework so slowly right now that it's disgusting. My brain is seriously not functioning at much more than its basic level, though. I almost wonder if I ought to ask for extensions. . . . But I know I won't because outside of what it's doing to my thinking abilities, whatever it is I have is so incredibly mild, so I doubt they would believe me, and I'd feel very silly.

2. Just started reading Eva Luna by Isabel Allende. So far, I like it a lot, and Allende's prose style is wonderful. So pretty!

3. 88% on my last Norwegian test. 88% PERCENT. AAARGHHHH. It's down. It's worse than last time, not better! D: D: D:

. . . Although I can forgive myself somewhat due to the fact that a large portion of the quiz was on prepositions, and prepositions in Norwegian make no fucking sense whatsoever. I mean, not that I really expect them to make sense in a logical way in any language, because the way they're used is always a bit idiomatic, but. Mostly Norwegian is a pretty easy language, but the prepositions are baffling and there's really no rhyme or reason to them at all.

For instance, you say that someone is i stua (in the living room), but you say that they're på soverommet (on the bedroom). Why? It makes no sense. What's actually different about a living room and a bedroom? They're both rooms . . . .

4. These bacteria and/or viruses must really be eating my brain, because I'm doing something that if you know me I pretty much never do: I'm starting to think about relationships and how maybe they're not so bad and how maybe I'd like one. I'm so scared of approaching people, though. People terrify me!

5. Too tired to do much of any use right now. I have a book on Charlemagne I have to start; I guess I'll go do that now. I can't do anymore homework atm. .___.
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