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Birthday. Employment! Uh . . . head drills? Writing.


Happy birthday, dunkle_feuer!

May you have a year filled with absolutely nothing but Benedict Cumberbatch!

2. Hopefully getting a job, maybe? I frankly don't have any relevant references whatsoever, so I'm sort of sitting here panicking about who I should list, but otoh the guy I talked to told me that the hours I'm available would work very well with their schedule, so with any luck . . .

3. This is the most terrifying thing I've seen in a long time. Also, wtf. Why is Mochimerica drilling into that guy's head while he's sleeping??????

4. Writing a little bit each day. I'm trying to revamp some fics from several years ago that I'd given up on earlier, but which I think could be written better now.
Tags: hetalia, squee!

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