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I am not the answer to your prayers!

I'm looking for a summer job. Which is more than a little pathetic, since summer's already more than half over. ( What can I say? I've never worked before, and almost everything wants experience-- and not all the fast food places are hiring for the remainder of the summer )

But anyway, my dad keeps on suggesting all these random bizarre things that I could do to make money. First, he wanted me to do research on some book that he has, find out if it's open domain or not, and then scan it onto to website if it is ( and he would pay me this ). Also, he has some friend who's doing a site for something or other, and he suggests that I could design the logo and layout for it.

What in the fuck?

I understand that he's only trying to be helpful ( I really do! ), and that he probably thinks that he's being very gracious. But the problem is, when it comes to me, he has this horrible tendancy to assume facts not in evidence. He always over-estimates my skills, and it's starting to make me really annoyed and sort of uncomfortable.

For instance, another job he suggested a really long time ago was a job he found on this stamp-collecting site. Basically, the owner was looking for somebody to describe all of the stamps he had posted on there. Now, here's the thing. I haven't collected stamps since I was about nine years old. I know none of the stamp-collecting terminology, but I'm sure that there must be a ton. Now, personally, if I were on a manga-related website, and it was obvious that the person who wrote the descriptions didn't even know what manga was, I would be a little offended. And I'm assuming that stamp collectors are the same way.

The book scanning... I just don't want to do. Not sure quite why.

And as for the website stuff... what on earth is he smoking?

There are quite a few very talented design people out there ( and even just here on LJ ). I am not one of them. I know very little html, I possess no actual training or experience whatsoever in this area... and personally, I feel that it's a little bit offensive to try and claim that a novice in any area is as good as an expert.

I'm actually a little bit worried about what my dad has been telling this guy about my abilities... I'm afraid that he's been given the impression that I actually know shit.

Maybe I'm overreacting ( I probably am ) but it does genuinely make me feel guilty when somebody is given the wrong impression about me, because it makes me feel as though I'm cheating them out of something.

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