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School-related items

1. Got my classes for next semester! I'm so excited . . .

German 1001: Beginning German
Norwegian 1004: Intermediate Norwegian II
History of Science 3714: Technology and Civilization to 1700
Military Science 3970: Military History

. . . Okay, so technically I'm not actually registered for Military History yet, given that it seems I need a permission number since I'm not in ROTC. BUT I WILL BE REGISTERED, DAMMIT. Because I think I have a fetish or something for strategy and things being blown up, so how could I resist?

2. So, I have a term paper to write that tbh I'd sort of forgotten about, and then I have to write my prospectus for my major paper, which I'd also sort of forgotten about, and I have a limited amount of time to do both of those things in. Plus a lot of the time I could work in is now taken up by the fact that I finally found a job. And you know what? I feel way fucking better than I have all semester. I was so depressed over the summer when I didn't have anything to do. It seems the only way I feel good anymore is if I have so many things to do that I feel really stressed out . . . so then I spend a few hours feeling stressed beyond belief, and then after that I feel a thousand times better. I think that's my process, or something. I have to get really upset about something, to the point of almost crying over it, before I can actually settle down and do it. :/
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