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My thoughts on yaoi (or some such)


You know, I have this thing about m/m pairings. I ship a lot of them! But I seem to have this peculiar thing where I almost always ship a certain pairing in the opposite order from the rest of the fandom. (I.e. B/A when everyone else always writes it as A/B.)

And this is like, the most incredibly petty thing to complain about ever. Except it does sort of disappoint me when it seems like everyone else always ships in the opposite order --- and I can't just ignore the order, because people bring in the seme-uke stereotypes so often that it's pretty much an integral part of so many fanworks. And that makes me sadface.

In Hester World, the sunny, enthusiastic character is the seme, and the strict, reticent character is the uke. See, to me it's awesome if the "dominant"-seeming character is on bottom, because that subverts expectations, and subverting expectations is hot. I totally don't understand how it is that people don't see how HOT that is. I think the one of the only things I ship where I'm in the majority is USUK? I assume other people must just be following the height rule or something there, given that America isn't a Standard Seme Character.

It's really YKINMK and all that, but tbh I sort of find the Cool, Emotionless Seme Character totally dominating the Fluffy Uke Character trope not just not hot, but . . . it sort of squicks me. I'm not really sure why. I guess because I feel like, if one were to write the same dynamic but replace The Uke Character with a woman, the whole thing would feel really sexist. ("A strong, emotionless man should totally dominate a silly, flighty woman" type of thing . . . . ) I always feel disappointed when I read things that everyone else thinks are amazingly hot, and instead I feel more ?????? about them.

On a side note, even though he's one of my favorite characters, this is why I can't bring myself to ship Kakashi with anyone. It seems like people turn him into The Seme Character so easily that it pretty much saps my desire to read anything shipping him with anyone.
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