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"so i thew a sojia boy cd at england's stupid white eyebrow face and punched fance in da balls."

This is the best fanfiction you will ever read in your miserable life.

. . . Okay, actually it's pretty much what My Immortal would be if it were a Hetalia fic written by a faux-ghetto troll instead of a Harry Potter fic written by a faux-goth troll. BUT STILL. CLOSE ENOUGH.

Seriously, this fic has everything: England and France are racists and demonstrate this fact by listening to Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black while sexually assaulting people. Australia is apparently some sort of evil wizard who is also a racist and can turn people into zombies and summon white rappers and the KKK. Romano is now named Ramona. And Italy kills himself ("he slit his thot and sooasided dead") after being raped by fat emo girls.

This fic also has the best misspelling of the word gonorrhea I have ever seen.

There's also a point at which France's head is cut off and covered in "seaman."

And just seriously. It is essential that you read this fic.
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