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So I was going to do a 'so, this is my life right now' type post. And then I said fuck it.

I did a meme a long time ago, where you picked one of my icons and I wrote a fic based off it.

I'd like to do that again, but with a twist: this time, pick any two icons, and I'll write a fic about those people/things/etc. somehow interacting and/or fused together and/or whatever I happen to feel like at the time.

Fandoms I'll write for right now:
Count Cain
Death Note
and maybe FMA

If the icons you choose don't involve any of those fandoms, I reserve the right to make some shit up. (That may or may not mean original fiction.) If the icons you choose involve more than one of those fandoms, I reserve the right to cross over or not as I see fit.

Fic probably won't be posted until end of December/January, because that's when I'll have time. -.-

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