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Me and my love affair with . . .

. . . My work.

Okay, actually I'm not at all in love with my job; I'm mostly indifferent to it. I'm working part-time cleaning one of the dorms. It's nice to have work that I can do on my own, without coworkers always watching me, because that makes me paranoid. But it's not fantastic or anything.

Nonetheless, I'm really happy with the overall situation, because I seem to be basically doing well at it, and my boss likes me. A couple of years ago I worked at a coffee shop, and ever since then I've honestly been terrified of working any kind of job, even a really simple one, because I've been convinced I'll just totally fuck it up. Because, see, when I was working at the coffee shop, I was just horrible. It wasn't like I was trying to be a bad employee or anything, but I'm clumsy, and I process things I hear really slowly, and I space out in a way that made me always give people the wrong change (or forget to give them any change at all), and it was depressing.

And now my current boss really likes me (for some reason), and it's like WTF IS GOING ON HERE.

Getting more hours over winter break, though. There's going to be one week in January where I'll have a full 40 hours, so we'll see how that goes.

On the minus side, felt sick this morning for no reason, ended up lying on the floor in the library, and then throwing up. All right before I had to present a paper. Thank you so much, intestinal system. >.>

Also, done with classes as of today! And I only have three finals, one of which is multiple choice (!) and one of which is open notes (!!!). Now if I can just get my grade up in Norwegian. I'm .5 points away from it being an A. It ought to be a high A, but it's an A- now because there was this one essay we had to do, and for no reason whatsoever I just didn't fucking feel like doing it, so that was 5% of my grade taken away right there. -.- Oh well.
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