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"Before her escape, edenbeam"

Had my last final this morning, so I'm done with the semester. I'm sort of annoyed to find that none of my professors have posted grades yet, given that I'm an obsessive person who wants to know what grade I've gotten as soon as humanly possible.

I've been feeling better lately. Actually, I've been feeling really randomly pissed off and/or anxious about a lot of things, but I'm more energetic, and I think the reason I'm so antsy rn is because I'm growing into something new. I've been thinking a lot about things I want for my life. I've realized that I've basically not done anything (in terms of actively trying to move myself forward) since I was about 12, and that sort of depresses me, but at the same time, I'm glad that I seem to be coming out a little of my suspended animation.

That's the subject for a longer post though, I think.

So instead, have scans of some puppets I made for Norwegian class. Horrifyingly, I did a puppet show version of Thrymskvitha. They're just marker and colored pencil on stiff paper that I later attached to sticks.

Also, no, I have no idea why I decided to crop these all to different sizes even though they're the same size irl.





Ugly photoshop background is ugly as fuck, but necessary to get any contrast in this one. I really hate the tendency of my scanner to make things that looked perfectly okay irl look really washed-out once they're scanned in. >.>


And Heimdall:
Tags: art, squee!

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