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Final grades are in.

     From Microbes to Mammoths   A-
     Intro to Medieval History   A
     How to Do History           A
     Intermediate Norwegian      A

IF ONLY IT WEREN'T FOR THOSE DAMN MAMMOTHS. I think I must have only been less than one percent away from getting a full A in that class as well. >.>


At least the least good grade is in a class that has nothing the fuck to do with my degree. And it seems that my total GPA is up to 3.871 now. That's up almost .02 points from last summer! (Does anyone else feel concerned for my mental health, that I keep track of this so meticulously?)

Also, how are you feeling, flist? Personally I'm feeling fairly good. I have more hours at work since I'm on break, and the shift I'm working requires me to get up at 5:00 in the morning. Oddly, this seems to make me feel better.
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