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Hva the fuck ist dette . . . (und many more)

Somehow managed to get 100% on my first quiz for German.

On the other hand, I'm not sure if learning Norwegian and German at the same time is really a good idea after all; I keep getting things mixed up. And there are too many things in German that I want to pronounce as if they were Norwegian words. Especially since both languages have quite a few words ending in -ig, and it's so much easier to pronounce that the Norwegian way.

I'm quite certain that now the German and the Norwegian are going to merge together with English in my head (the Norwegian already has, to some extent), to make a horrible mutant pidgin. How about we call it . . . Neutschlish?

Det er eine Sprache of hideous Germanic power! Et mysterious språk som heißt . . .


. . . Or something like that.

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