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dear abstract mathematical stuff...

I have made a discovery: LJ is addictive. And I hate journalling. I mean, I seriously hate it. But the power of the Internet compels me....

And another discovery: I want to go find a Barnes + Noble manager right now and shoot them. Why, you ask? I went manga shopping. And they were all out of the next Fruits Basket that I wanted. And the next FMA. I was oh-so-angry. However, I did get the first Tsubasa, and the next Chobits that I need to read. Chobits! Chobits! Minoru is teh <3, no?

Also, I had math homework. Which is bad. And it involved factoring. Which is even worse. Seriously, I can't stand factoring.

Dear Factoring,
Have I told you lately how much I hate you? You and the person who discovered you
both need to die slow and painful deaths. You confuse the hell out of me every time
I try to do you. Why so many parentheses? You make my life unpleasent. Please go

ps- tell algebra that I hate its guts as well. Thank you!

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