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She had TWO EYEBROWS!!!!!

I'll admit it: I love reading green-ink websites. Here's a sort of peculiar one I came across the other day. This person seems to be arguing that Isis is a symbol of mitochondrial Eve --- and therefore of the fact that as humans we are all related to each other and should treat one another as family. Which is awesome, right?

. . . Except that most of this person's evidence consists of the most hideous twistings of linguistics ever.

~ The word genesis means "genes of Isis" . . . because it looks like it ought to, right? (And all words obviously have origins readily apparent to English-speakers, even when they're derived from other languages!)
~ Heru went on to become the father of Pharaohs and the progenitor of the bloodline of "divine" kings. This much of the name Pharaoh (haroah) = Heru. Pharaoh = PHeru. (SPOILER ALERT! "Pharaoh" is not actually the Ancient Egyptian word for pharaoh. Le gasp!)
~ The letters of the Latin alphabet come from Ancient Egyptian art, apparently, and not, you know, the Phoenician alphabet or anything stupid like that.
~ The name Jesus contains the name Isis (J+Isis = Jesus). Jesus was a Pagan. The name Jesus clearly identifies Jesus as a minion of Isis. 'JESUS' IS TOTALLY NOT AN ANGLICIZATION GUYS!!!1

They also some inexplicable fixation with eyebrows: (bolding/underlining theirs, not mine)

She was born amongst a race of Homo sapiens who had one eyebrow with no gap at the middle. Isis had a high rounded forehead and a parted eyebrow.

Isis was the EarthMother Goddess. She is the ancestral mother of all people who have two eyebrows.

(Hey, show some love for people with unibrows. Can't they be part of your universal family, too?)
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