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Holy the supernatural extra brilliant intelligent kindness of the soul!
-- Footnote to Howl, Allen Ginsberg

--- Or in other words, Fuck yeah, Seaking!

So I suddenly realized that I couldn't test out of freshman comp. Why can't you test out of freshman comp? I have no idea whatsoever. And in order to transfer the credit from St. Kate's from the class that was basically the same thing, I would've had to meet all of their unreasonable demands for things there is no earthly reason to think I would still have. (Who has syllabi and assignments from classes they took four years ago?)

So I started freaking out. Fortunately, a very nice (supernatural, extra brilliant, intelligent, kind) professor was willing to let me into his section of freshman comp even though it was really already closed.

That means I've finally filled all my requirements. Filled out my petition to graduate just a few minutes ago, and since they have no reason to deny it, I'll be graduating this December. FINALLY. I feel like I've been an undergrad for ten years or something.
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