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Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg

Academic miscellany

1. Over the summer I had classes with Awesomesauce Professor. And then I felt sad because the class was completely not in my major, and I realized I would never get to have a class with Awesomesauce Professor again, causing me to feel terribly forlorn. Because let's be perfectly honest: I don't get along with the vast majority of people I meet, so I feel like anyone I do actually get along with is quite irreplaceable.

But now he's having a book group, which I get to be part of. So now I'm all squeeeeeeee.

2. On the other hand, speaking of people I don't get along with, there are at least two seriously weird people in one of my classes.

There's this girl who almost never talks. I mean, I almost never talk. But she takes it to a whole different level. She sits sort of slouched over for the entire class period. Yesterday she came to half of the discussion session, then mysteriously disappeared for the second half, which is when we would have had to talk in small groups. (Strangely, she seems to have left her stuff in the room and I don't remember her ever coming to pick it up.) And when she's made to talk . . . the things she says aren't really strange, but the way she says them is so bizarre. She talks about things that happened thousands of years ago in this very definitive tone. I don't think I can accurately describe it, but it's almost like she thinks she was an eye-witness to these events or something.

And then there's this guy who takes all of our course readings in the most bizarre way. This class is about the history of families. There's no aspect of political history to it except inasmuch as ideas about family have political currency. But this guy seriously wants to spend half the class period arguing about whether the professor is defining the concept of statehood correctly. And then he takes this article we read about representations of children in ancient Chinese art (and it was a very non-political article; it was really just art history) and goes on this long rambling explanation about how clearly the author really meant it as a critique of the modern Chinese state, and . . . idek.

3. I need to get off the internet and actually do the stuff I'm supposed to be doing. Seriously, Hester.

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