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This is my gothspiration post.

Exactly what it says on the tin. Pictures collected from around the interwebs that make me want to be a goth.

This girl pretty much exemplifies my interest in goth. She looks very similar to someone I knew in high school. I deeply admired this girl: she was a goth --- and a confident, non-whiny-mall-goth; she was smart and very incisive in her personality. And she was gorgeous. The company that took yearbook photos asked her if they could use hers in promotional material. I wish I hadn't been so shy that I never spoke to her, because this girl is still my role model.

^ This is perfect. Anyone who disagrees with me on this is a heretic.

If this were cut for a woman, I would wear it x1000. I really have a lot of affection for military style.

I don't really like how . . . aggressive? . . . her eyebrows are, but otherwise I think she looks fabulous. I mean, her eyebrows look fine on her. I just wouldn't want my eyebrows like that.

Same dress in a different color:

I go back and forth between thinking this is cute and thinking it's ugly. Well . . . it's more gothic lolita than pure goth, anyway.

Um. I kind of don't like this guy, whoever he is, because in a lot of ways I think he looks awfully silly. Like that pentacle --- is he actually a Wiccan, or does he just think it looks ~spooky~? Except. Well. I THINK THAT IF ITACHI WERE SUDDENLY A WHITE GUY FOR SOME REASON HE WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS, OKAY.

Her wallpaper is almost the same as my journal background.

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