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Food is disgusting, and has been pretty much forever. I'm starting to get a bit worried, though. I've always been a really picky eater, because most foods disgust me. But now I've realized that even foods that I like disgust me. Like today, I couldn't even finish eating buffalo chicken ( my favorite food ) because it was so incredibly gross. Which makes me sound like I'm anorexic or something, but I sincerely don't think that I am ( especially since I have no desire to lose weight ).

But now I'm worried, because I did have an aunt ( she died a long time ago ) who was anorexic ( she died of complications from it ). So I'm starting to worry, What if she wasn't actually anorexic? What if she had some sort of weird disorder or something that made her body not want to accept food, and that's why she stopped eating? And then what if I have the same thing?
I've never heard of such a disease existing, so I'm probably just being over-dramatic ( plus, I've always wanted something exotic and strange to be wrong with me ), but I'm still a bit concerned. What if everything becomes so disgusting that I can't eat anymore?

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