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(Context is for losers.)

I hate this. When people like something --- love it passionately, even --- but respond to the problematic aspects of it by glossing over them. I want to call it whitewashing, but that now means something completely different in the world of LJ and like places; I'm not sure what a better term is. Stupidly optimistic misrepresentation?

I hate it. It sucks; it's idiotic; it gets nothing done and does no good for anyone. If you really love something, you'll acknowledge the bad parts of it and either find a way to work around them or decide that it's time to say goodbye. Real love isn't the love of patting yourself and everyone else on the back and telling them what they want to hear when it has no basis in reality.

I hate it. It's sickening. Don't you dare take something that I care about and also find so deeply problematic that I want to abandon it at every turn and waive away all of its problems while spouting some ridiculous garbage about how everything in the world is wonderful and empowering yey! It's not.

Also, no one cares about your menstrual blood.

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