Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg (000_hester_000) wrote,
Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg

I live!

Heh, I really haven't been around much, have I?

I technically graduated. I say technically, because in actuality I ended up taking a shitload of incompletes. (Don't even ask me how this happened --- either why I needed them or how I got permission to do incompletes in 80% of my classes. I don't know the answer to either question.) When I've turned them all in, they'll backdate my graduation to winter 2012, though.

I want to be done with this already, because I really can't take anymore of schoolwork. The earliest I'll be going to grad school is fall 2014, and THIS IS A GOOD THING, OKAY?! I still want to go, just not anytime in the near future.

I have five papers I need to complete before I can say my incompletes are done. Two of those papers are already mostly done and just need to be finished . . . I'm pretty terrible when it comes to finishing things. I'm going to update my journal every time I finish one now, in hopes that that will somehow motivate me to actually do it. (I apologize in advance to the damage that will be done to your flists.)

Other stuff:

~ Earlier, I had meant to start learning Latin once I was off school and had time. But in the event, I think I'm more interested in learning Old Norse. It's a bit difficult to find good resources for, though.

~ I've actually been having Big Life EventsTM happening over the fall. But since I never bothered to mention them at the time and since they're hard to summarize, I'm not sure if I will now. -.-
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