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Lonely, Homesick, and Nauseous

For some reason, I've been feeling really nauseous a lot lately ( lately meaning pretty much all summer, actually >.> ). I kind of think I ought to go see a doctor, but at the same time, it's probably just nervousness. I move in exactly two weeks! I'm scared.

I mean, I am really looking forward to college. But at the same time... I always used to get homesick just on sleepovers. I'm an only child, and I'm very shy, so it's really like my immediate family are the only people I really have an emotional bond with ( actually, it's really just my mom, since my dad annoys the hell out of me ). But suffice it to say, I'm worried that I'm going to be really lonely and really homesick.

Actually, I'm already really lonely. But I don't mean that in the 'I want moar frends!11' meaning of the word, but more like how you would say that something or someone's nature is lonely ( ie, I'm a very private person and don't make friends easily ).

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