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The great CLAMP readathon, episode I

Finished RG Veda last night. I'd never read it before.

I liked it more than I expected to, really. I remember in the past having been left cold by some of CLAMP's early works (we'll see if I still feel the same about them this time around), but this was much more psychologically moving.

1. I think Kujaku was my favorite character. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, given that he's completely That Type of Character I Like. The kind that is superficially bouncy and happy, but not enough so to conceal the fact that they're actually really dark and probably made of pwnage.

2. I could have done without Ryu-ou, though. I wasn't sorry at all when he died.

3. I expected to ship Kendappa-ou/Souma like burning, but in the end, Kendappa proved too fucking bizarre for me. She's the kind of character that tends to crop up a lot in Japanese media that I just can't understand: the character who is obsessed with strength and/or keeping a promise to the point of absurdity. I assume that that must have a particular resonance in Japanese culture that it doesn't in the West, because every time I encounter one of those characters, I end up feelings more '???' than anything else.

4. . . . I found the fact that Ashura Sr. basically whored himself out to change destiny the most sexy thing ever. I'm not even sorry. Also, I ended up really, really liking him. Probably because of the afore-mentioned whoring.

5. I found Ashura Jr.'s chronic depression rather upsetting, and therefore it served its purpose. It was one of those things where I kept reading along thinking, "Each time something happens that makes him feel like everything was his fault, he's getting more and more wounded, and who knows if that damage will ever be undone?"

6. This is the only CLAMP work I've ever read that didn't feature tons of bizarre outfits. I found that vaguely disconcerting.
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