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Now I've done it

I went and got caught up with Naruto. For what I think is about the tenth time at least, now.

The silly thing is that I really only did it because I found an old incomplete fanfic and want to finish it in a way that's canon-compliant. (Which, knowing me, probably means it will remain incomplete for all of eternity. Because that's how I roll.)

1. I actually liked the most recent chapters. Definitely they're a lot better than what came immediately before them. I'm just glad we're (mostly) done with all of the edo tensei and those stupid white Zetsus.

2. I used to think shipping Hashirama and Madara was stupid. . . . I may have just revised my opinion.

3. I thought the point about the Uchihas' main problem being that they're actually over-emotional was rather clever. More clever than I really would have expected from Kishi, tbh.

4. Finally, for the first time in the . . . what? Almost five years since I started reading this manga, I can sleep soundly, knowing that Lassie Sasuke finally came home. No, seriously, I'm really happy. I had more emotionally invested in that plotline than I really like to admit.


/puts on cone of shame
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