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You know, what's terrifying about writing is the issue of coherence vs incoherence. If you're writing something fairly straightforward, like a thriller, a mystery, whatever, this doesn't really apply. But I can't write that type of plot anyway. So. Here I am, trying to write fiction that's more literary and experimental, and the thing is, it's impossible to know as I'm writing whether the things that seem brilliant to me are actually brilliant, or whether I'm essentially being the literary equivalent of M. Night Shyamalan. I mean, obviously Shyamalan doesn't know that he's Shyamalan (except for, you know, in the most literal sense), because if he did, he wouldn't think his ideas are so deep and amazing when they're not.

There are things in my novel that don't actually make much logical sense --- for one thing, the entire premise essentially centers around an almost-literal deus ex machina --- but it's my feeling that it's okay because the story's not actually about the plot in the first place. It's not really a fairy tale, or magical realism, but it is one of those stories in which the world of the story was never intended to seem "real." But --- what if that's not a good enough excuse? What if it's actually just sort of sloppy and illogical?
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