Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg (000_hester_000) wrote,
Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg

Terroristic Hemophiliac Dwarfs ( don't ask )

I officially hate my period. I went through two pads at school today, and am now on my third, and it STILL leaked through my jeans in three places. So right now, I'm wearing a pair of kinda chocolate brown pants so that if it leaks through again it won't be as noticiable. Curse you, period!

In an hour or so, I'm going to go see my psychologist. Apparently we're doing some thing like... I don't remember what it is now. But it sounds interesting, whatever it is.

I had this fabulous idea for a manga about two days ago. But I'm too paranoid about people stealing it to actually write it down O.o *is paranoid*

But GAH! period, you go die now! *screams*

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