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Dad, Torchwood, slow computers (aka: I like one of these things)

Dude, my dad said, and I quote, "Mens' ultimate activity is battle, womens' is giving birth"
To which I wondered, omgwtfbbq?

Seriously, permission to beat him over the head with a toaster? The silly thing is, though, he does have this dreaful tendency to say offensive things ( not usually offensive to women in general, though, more just to a specific person ) without knowing it. Still, I want to hit him. When was the last time he was in a battle? And not all women want children ( eg, me ), kthxbai.

And to do a complete 180 in topic, we just got Torchwood a few weeks back over here. Ohmigod, I want to hug Jack. But I also wonder, why isn't there more Jack whump!fic? I mean, come on people; he's the perfect candidate for it, ne?

Also, my computer seems to get slower at night. Why is this? Am I just imagining it? I dunno.

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