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Why hello, Ms. Plath, will you be my friend?

So, apparently, all of my friends who aren't my roommate are suicidal. Let's see... Anitha was always trying to kill herself, and almost ended up with permanent brain damage from swallowing a bunch of pills. And Josh slit his wrist and would have bled to death if his hand hadn't curled in just the right way when he passed out. And Leslie and Amity were also always trying to kill themselves, although I'm not quite sure how.

And now jamklev is threatening to kill himself. Seriously, it's like a lottery or something, eventually someone's actually going to follow through with it. ( jamklev, please don't be that person; I'm serious. )

Well, I guess two of my aunts kinda sorta already killed themselves through self-destructive behavior. Why am I apparently a magnet for suicidal people?

Also, this has nothing to do with anything else, but I've developed a huge crush on one Luppi. I think I need a support group, or something.

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