February 1st, 2008

Wandering // Naruto

Blehh, class schedules

I'm dropping Figure Drawing on the basis that I really hate art classes... and probably should have realized this years and years ago. So I think I'll probably end up taking another history class... which is good since I'm probably minoring in that. I might end up minoring in Japanese and Russian too, though. Not because I particularly want to per se, but I might have to since I want to take them both, and the only way you can take more than one class at a different college in the system per semester is if it's for a major/minor requirement. (And St. Kate's doesn't offer either of those; they're both at MacAlaster.)

I need Japanese for, um, going to Japan and reading manga and other important stuff like that, and I need Russian so that I can talk to all of my inordinate amount of Russian-speaking characters XD

Also, why does my stupid Barnes + Noble not have Count Cain in yet? I've frozen my ass off twice this week walking over there to see if they have it.
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