February 7th, 2008

Wandering // Naruto

Erg arg

I had one ink pen that I actually liked, and it broke. It's rather depressing. Also, Nicole's sick again... I feel bad for her actually, being sick so much. I've only been sick enough to miss school for several days in a row about three times in my life, so I'm probably just being unsympathetic. Still, I wish she would get better and start going to class again and crap so I could have some alone time. And she looks fine to me... I mean, she's not like stuck in bed or something. Ah well, at least I'm going home over the weekend, so that should hopefully prevent me from actually going insane. Plus it ought to mean that I get to buy manga. Oh, manga~~. The Barnes + Noble near me is apparently really slow getting stuff in, and it's making me nuts. I've walked out there three times in the cold these past two weeks....
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