February 21st, 2008

Cain // Count Cain

Babbling about money, fashion, and stupid questions

1. I've finally given up and actually decided to get a job. >.> Yay for, um, serving food to random people, probably. Actually, I just need the money. For some reason, I've really desperately wanted to go shopping lately, which reminds me that the money in my checking account won't actually last for the rest of forever. Plus, I still need to buy Pang lunch sometime to repay her.

2. Realized I'd actually rather like to go goth. Unfortunately, I don't think I have the clothes budget to actually do it right. Damn. See above.

3. I want a tattoo. Not sure what of, but suddenly, I'm struck with an immense desire to have one. There's still the problem of me being afraid of needles, though. I wonder if my parents would be mad at me? Nicole totally would, lol.

4. Weird question: I have an empty box that was from Valentine's chocolates. I kept it because I wanted a heart-shaped box for some project I wanted to do, but now I have no idea anymore what it was. Suggestions for what I should use it for? I want to do something with it, since I bothered to fish it out of the trash.

5. Final manga selection question: Tsubasa or X/1999?
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Wandering // Naruto

Happy belated Valentine's day <3

Edited to fix a stupid typo I should have noticed the first time around -.-

Title: Runs in the Family
Fandom: Bleach
Author: Hester
Characters: Byakuya/Renji and Rukia/Renji (both one-sided, alas)
Genre: Fluff?
Rating: PG(-13? Maybe?)
Warnings: Language
Summary: Renji has a secret admirer, and Rukia and her nii-sama have no intention of helping him figure it out.
Disclaimer: Bleach is owned by a strange man with strange ideas about fashion who lives on a magical island far away... I am not him.
A/N: I wrote shounen-ai. For Bleach. This will probably never happen again, so treasure it while it lasts XD

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