March 10th, 2008

Wandering // Naruto

Well, snap.

Well, there's a pleasant thought.

I'm a bit annoyed with the article though, just because it's slightly misleading about what Wolf-Rayet stars actually are. It sort of makes it sound like it's common for other random stars to just suddenly turn into one before leaving the main sequence. The hell?

Anyway, if this thing does decide to destroy Earth, I just hope it does it before Wednesday. Look at all the crap I have to do this week:
Collapse )

On the other hand, my characters keep coming to me in dreams and telling me random stuff. It's fun. But kinda creepy, because a little girl that one of my characters has nightmares about was also in my dream last night. Scary. So was an old lady, the devil, a gameboy, and Applebee's though, so it might not mean anything at all...

Also, reading Tsubasa is like the worst thing ever to do to de-stress in-between homework. For some reason, it saps all of my will to do anything except go look for KuroFay fic

ETA: Added more random pairing-related tags in an effort to avoid actually doing stuff. LJ is a great tool of procrastination.
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