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Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg
Finally got through with Tsubasa. Why did it take so long?

Spoilers...Collapse )

Now I'm going to have to start xxxHolic again, aren't I? It's been so long since I read it that I'll probably have to start all over from the beginning. Oh well.
Mood: dorkydorky
Music: Your Wildest Dreams --> Moody Blues
Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg
20 March 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Title: Reasons
Fandom: Bleach
Author: Hester
Characters: Matsumoto +/ Gin
Genre: Deathfic
Rating: PG?
Warnings: Death, blood
Summary: Matsumoto knew there was a reason she had learned bankai....
Disclaimer: Not mine. I only do bad things to them.
A/N: Seriously written just now.

At least she still breathed...Collapse )