April 7th, 2008

I cause tears! // Naruto


Yes, I'm asking my flist for help again. Yes, I know I'm pathetic. :P

If anyone can get even halfway through my emo ramblings about why I'm crazy and tell me if they make any sense at all, it would be helpful, since I'm hopefully going back to the college's psychologist person, and I want to be able to explain what's wrong with me as succinctly and clearly as possible so I can actually, you know, get advice on wtf I should do.

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Tl;dr: Life doesn't suck, but I can't bring myself to care, and no one is cool enough to tell me otherwise.

On the other hand I at least know almost for sure what my living arrangements are for next year. I'll be in a four-person room with Nicole and two girls who are friends of Sheng. One is named Nia, which makes me think of Death Note; the other looks like Clow Reed &hearts. And yes, that is a complement.
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