May 25th, 2008

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A post about voting that mentions neither Hillary nor Obama

Comm of interest: fandom_votes What they're essentially trying to do is narrow down what candidates for the advisory board will benefit fandom the most, so that we can get a united vote. (Because check out fandom_counts-- you'll see there the sheer size of fandom on LJ is huge, but it won't benefit us one bit if we scatter our votes around or don't vote at all. And then, jameth will stand a good chance of winning, and the world will descend into an era of darkness... or something like that.)

A relevant info post is here. So please check it out and consider who you would like to vote for; to be honest, no one knows how much having the right or wrong person will actually help or hurt (since LJ tends to be so obscure about their policies), but every little bit is important, and at least this decreases the chances of having another strikethrough/boldout/whatever they think of next.

PS- There's also a poll that will be open until this evening/whenever, depending on where you live.

[/public service announcement]
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