September 1st, 2008

Wandering // Naruto

Creepy things come in, uh, twos

1. Meal points don't kick in until four tomorrow, and I didn't want to be stuck eating poptarts until then, so I went out to Walgreens to buy some food. Shut up, it was the closest place. Anyway, I'm standing there looking at chocolate because I need chocolate to survive, and that's when I had my first ever creepy old man experience. He wasn't like "I'm a serial killer" creepy, just... creepy. When I stopped to look at a certain type of chocolate, he leaned in close and asked, "Do you like those?" Plus, he followed me down that entire aisle. Very weird. In a way, I'm actually kinda honored, though. My longtime bff had the biggest tits of anyone I know, so I was always jealous that she was the only one worthy to be thought of as hot, even by creepy old men.

2. Stating the obvious, but Uchihacest appears to be universally creepy. Which is too bad, because I might actually ship it if it didn't scare me so much. It's all No, brother, I don't liek it when you touch me there! ;; dubcon at best; Yey! We're a family! It's perfectly normal for families to express their love like this! randomly happy for no reason; We're the Akatsuki, and we exist for the sole purpose of gang raping all the members' siblings pointless melodrama; or And now Itachi had cat ears, and he was, like, sooooooo cute!!! just plain stupid. I'm disappointed. And deeply disturbed.