October 6th, 2008

Wandering // Naruto

Just another manic...

Work is hell on wheels, but in a good way. The problem is that since everyone comes in when they're going in between classes, it's periods of frantic activity followed by periods of nothingness. Plus, I don't learn well by doing since I forget what I'm doing while I'm doing it, so I'm just now starting to remember the correct ratios for all the things that go into the coffee drinks. I'm just glad I don't have to make the paninis, which sound very annoying, and which half of the people who come in order. (And the refills of the supplies for making them are all downstairs in the kitchens, meaning that we're always waiting for someone to come and bring us up more eggs/flat bread/mayonnaise/whatever.)

Also, I've discovered that apparently I should just try to be sick all the time if I ever want to get anything done. See, if I don't feel well, I'll just sit in one place and do all of the studying I need to do. But if I'm able to think of anything else to do, I'll go do that instead....
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