December 28th, 2008

Life in the desert

Needed saying

Oh god, it's another personal post. ...But at least it's determined!post for once, not emo!post...?

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That doesn't matter. I'm done. If I don't know it, I'll learn it; if I can't learn it, I should never have dreamed of going into a hard science in the first place. If I never did intend to learn the math, then I should have spent that time working on my writing; I would be a much better writer now if I had. No, I'll learn it, because for the first time I know that it is my responsibility to do so.

If I'm behind, then I will catch up. I've done that before. But what I won't do this time is make excuses. If I'm depressed? If I have problems with my roommate for next semester? If I have trouble managing my time? It's up to me to reach out for help. I always assume that things will simply happen or not according to their own wills, but look at where that's gotten me.

Therefore. Here are the things I absolutely will do next semester (and here over j-term too, of course):
1. I will go to every class, even if I would rather sleep in.
2. I will, on a related note, keep a reasonable sleep schedule.
3. I will do all homework, even when I would rather not because I don't think the finished product will be as good as I wish it were.
4. I will write consistently. Ie, regardless of whether it's good enough to ever see the light of day, I will write one fic per week.
5. I will actually, you know, read things instead of only pretending to read it. If I don't want to read it in the first place, I will not check out the book/friend the comm/join the fandom.
6. I will keep my room clean. That means no more stacking panini takeout containers one on top of another on my desk for a week.
7. I will catch up on the math I missed in school.
8. I will not waste hours on end doing dumbfuck things like looking at random youtube videos/ED articles/4chan when I could be using that time for something that could actually be of use.
9. I will also not spend HUEG amounts of time making lists of completely pointless things. Oh, this list isn't pointless. But the ones of the possible irl hair colors manga characters would have if they were real people? Even I think those are stupid and I'm the one who wastes her time making them! No more!

Determined post is determined! &c!
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